Genomic Data

Genomic Data

A simple crime or global conspiracy? The answer lies within the DNA of a missing girl.

Series: Lara Kingsley Series

After rejecting Lara Kingsley’s bid to install their surveillance system a year ago, a wealthy couple wants to hire her to find their kidnapped daughter. And Lara is desperate to understand why. But she may not like the answer.

The new case comes to her during a pro-bono investigation to help her ex-boyfriend get vindication for his wrongful termination from the FBI. Together, they plan to prove his former boss’s potential involvement in an illicit trading ring on the Dark Web.

Taking on two cases at the same time, Lara’s workload jeopardizes her health. After a visit to the doctor, a serious diagnosis forces Lara to confront her own genetic history. She uncovers a mysterious connection between her dead parents, the kidnapping case, and a global transhumanist group. She begins to suspect the answer lies within the DNA of the missing girl.

In a quest to learn more about a possible fountain of youth, Lara travels to China to rescue the girl, enlisting the help of her new boyfriend, a CIA case officer, and a team of mercenaries.

Can she rescue the girl while avoid getting caught by Chinese authorities? What dark secrets will she uncover about her family’s past?

Genomic Data is book three in the Lara Kingsley Series, which is set in the near future and weaves together elements of mystery, techno-thriller, and science fiction. If you liked Bionic Bug and Project Gecko, then you’ll love this latest installment of Natasha Bajema’s action-packed mystery series. Buy Genomic Data to join Lara and her team on their latest exciting adventure.

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