Project Gecko

What would you choose? Your job or your country?

Washington D.C., March 2028

Amateur Detective Lara Kingsley must choose between her obligation to a powerful client and her patriotism, a choice that threatens the future of her fledgling business, Kingsley Investigations.

When she is hired to install a high-end surveillance system for a Chinese tech startup called Spectral Industries, Lara has no idea she is about to get caught up in in a deadly technology race between the U.S. and China.

Her journey begins when a mysterious man scaling the glass windows outside the tenth-floor office where she’s working falls to his death below. Lara begins a desperate mission to prove to authorities that the man’s death was not a suicide. Racing to unravel the mystery, she confronts a new technological world of nanotechnology, neural implants, self-driving cars, and passenger drones.

To solve the murder and stop Chinese operatives from stealing vital technologies, Lara must enlist the help of her ex-boyfriend and FBI special agent. What will she have to sacrifice to protect the U.S. national interest?

Coming in September 2018…

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