Audience Survey: Entertainment Habits, Genre, and Mood

In August 2020, I conducted an audience survey in collaboration with nine other authors who write fiction stories involving technology themes. We offered readers ten FREE eBooks in exchange for responses to twenty questions about entertainment habits, genre, and tone preferences. We received 1,300 responses in two weeks. In this post, I provide an in-depth analysis of the overall survey results and specific breakdowns by age, gender, and genre. Ever since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve been especially fascinated with how people are consuming TV, films, and novels to escape our current reality. As a fiction author, I’ve Read more…

Interview with the Calvin College Rover Team, AOMD Podcast Episode 010

Dr. Natasha Bajema interviews Sam Dare, Fenton Lawler and Duncan VanKeulen, Freshmen at Calvin College, about their experience participating in the Annual University Rover Challenge hosted by The Mars Society to encourage space exploration and technologies. Get more information on their project at

The Atom as a Source of Energy with Dr. Natasha Bajema, AOMD Podcast Episode 009

In this episode, Dr. Natasha Bajema offers the second segment of Nuclear 101 for Writers, Students and Technology Nerds. This segment is called “The Atom as a Source of Energy.” At the end of this segment, you’ll understand radiation, radioactivity and be introduced to Einstein’s theory of relativity. Most writers have misconceptions about radiation, and they often get the facts wrong in their stories. Listen to the podcast to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes.

Interview with Justin Anderson and Tim Westmyer, AOMD Podcast Episode 008

Dr. Natasha Bajema interviews Dr. Justin Anderson and Timothy Westmyer about nuclear deterrence as illustrated through the film Dr. Strangelove, written, produced and directed by Stanley Kubrick. Dr. Justin Anderson is a Senior Research Fellow at the National Defense University. Mr. Timothy Westmyer is a Project Lead on Nonproliferation at CRDF and the host of the Super Critical Podcast.

The Basics of the Atom with Dr. Natasha Bajema, AOMD Podcast Episode 004

In this episode, Dr. Natasha Bajema kicks off her first episode of Nuclear 101 for Writers, Students and Technology Nerds. This segment is called “The Basics of the Atom.” At the end of this segment, you’ll understand some basic terminology, the structure of the atom, the importance of neutrons and isotopes, the key starting ingredient for nuclear weapons, and the first reason why it’s so hard to develop bomb material.

Interview with Brad Taylor, AOMD Podcast Episode 002

Dr. Natasha Bajema interviews New York Times Bestselling author Brad Taylor about his latest Book, Daughter of War, A Pike Logan Thriller. Brad also served for more than 21 years, retiring as a Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel. During that time he held numerous Infantry and Special Forces positions, including eight years in 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment – Delta where he commanded multiple troops and a squadron.