The Bionic Bug Podcast hosted by Natasha Bajema features expert commentary on science and technology news as well was author readings of Bionic Bug. Each episode begins with analysis of the latest tech news heading followed by a chapter from the action-packed mystery novel.


The Authors of Mass Destruction Podcast hosted by Natasha Bajema focuses on helping authors write great stories while getting the details right. As fiction authors, we dream about having impact on our readers, moving them to tears or inspiring them to take action. What if novels or screenplays could do much more than that? What if they could raise public awareness and shape policy through storytelling?

Tune in for interviews with leading experts on weapons of mass destruction and emerging technologies, author interviews, technical modules, and reviews of what TV shows and movies get right and wrong. The podcast helps authors who write about mass destruction develop impactful ideas for their page-turning plots.

Podcast Guest Interviews

Stark ReflectionsOn April 13, 2018, I did a guest interview with Stark Reflections Podcast for Episode 16 called “Crowd Funding and Audience Engagement.” I talk about my experience with crowdsourcing the Lara Kingsley Series and my successful Kickstarter campaign. Stark Reflections is hosted by Mark Leslie Lefebvre who draws upon more than a quarter century of experience as a bookseller, a writer, an editor and a respected and trusted book industry representative and provides context to help authors make informed decisions to build writing and publishing life.


SPAGirlspodcast_squareOn May 8, 2019, I did a guest interview with the SPA Girls Podcast for Episode 186 called “What Authors Get Wrong About Weapons of Mass Destruction.” Using examples from television shows like Madam Secretary, House of Cards and Jack Ryan, I talked about radiation, biological weapons, and chemical bombs and how authors can avoid making terrible mistakes in their novels. The SPA Girls Podcast is hosted by four Indie authors and provides weekly tips, resources, and honest advice about self-publishing.