AOMD Podcast

Because you can tell amazing stories and still get the technical details right

The Authors of Mass Destruction (AOMD) podcast is focused on helping authors write great stories while getting the details right.

As fiction authors, we dream about having impact on our readers, moving them to tears or inspiring them to take action. What if novels or screenplays could do much more than that? What if they could raise public awareness and shape policy through storytelling?

Tune in for interviews with leading experts on weapons of mass destruction and emerging technologies, author interviews, technical modules, and reviews of what TV shows and movies get right and wrong. The podcast will help authors who write about mass destruction develop impactful ideas for their page-turning plots and provide tips for conducting research.

If you’re a fiction author or technical expert interested in being on the show, please send an email with your pitch to nuclearspincycle@gmail.comFollow on Twitter @AuthorsMass @wmdgirl, on Facebook

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