The Kingsley Files

Congratulations, you’re now part of Lara’s VIP Reader Club! Oooh, aah… Now that was easy, wasn’t it? As a thank you for visiting the link, you now get access to exclusive clues to the story arc of the entire series.

The Kingsley Files are told from the points of view of different characters. That means you get to see things Lara Kingsley hasn’t experienced. You’ll learn exclusive details about the conspiracy underpinning the series. For example, Volume One of the Kingsley Files tells the story of John Fiddler’s time in prison after he’s sentenced for attempting to kill innocent people with bionic bugs. You’ll hear from his point of view and learn more details from his investigation with Sully.

For the best reader experience, read Volume One after Bionic Bug. After you finish Project Gecko, read Volume Two, and so forth. Each volume contains case files for characters in the series and other bonus items.