Technical Series

Are you looking for brief, accessible and relevant primers related to WMD Issues?

WMD iconIn my technical series, I offer brief, accessible descriptions of technical issues related to WMD designed for use by students, professors and policymakers.

  • The Basics of the AtomVolume 1, Issue 1 (August 2016) – This issue provides the foundation for understanding uranium enrichment, plutonium reprocessing and nuclear weapons (4 pages)

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Currently, I teach a course on Contemporary Issues in Combating WMD at the National Defense University. Each semester, I spend some time updating my syllabus and every time, I search the Internet for brief, accessible and relevant technical primers related to WMD issues. I have yet to find such resources.

In order to give my students the necessary technical context for understanding WMD, I usually assign a well-known publication of the now defunct Office of Technology Assessment entitled Technologies Underlying Weapons of Mass Destruction. Though dated (published in 1993) and quite lengthy, I have not found a better source of technical information related to WMD issues.

In the absence of publications that meet the needs of a WMD class, technical issues are often given a short shrift on syllabi. After all, we have only so many pages that we can (or allowed) to assign students. I have decided to fill this niche by producing a technical series on WMD issues.

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