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BIONIC BUG eBook with Layers revisedThe idea for Bionic Bug, Book One of the Lara Kingsley Series, came to me in the spring of 2016 while I was reviewing lists of emerging technologies for my work at the Department of Defense. Each year, the MIT Technology Review identifies the top ten emerging technologies. The list for 2009 included a remote-controlled beetle developed by the U.S. Army and funded by DARPA. The beetle’s flight was controlled by a microelectronics package attached to its back. Although the beetle was designed for surveillance and search and rescue missions, I couldn’t help myself from thinking about more nefarious purposes. I published Bionic Bug in January 2018.

Project Gecko eBook

Project GeckoBook Two of the Lara Kingsley Series, features many interesting developments in biotechnology and nanotechnology including smart materials, spider silk and invisibility cloaking. The idea that inspired the plot came to me as I was reading about a real-life Gecko Project at Berkeley University, which explores the promise of gecko adhesion technology.


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