Bionic Bug

bionic bugBionic Bug takes place in Washington D.C., 2027. Lara Kingsley, a private detective, and her brilliant side kick, Vikrama Abhay, graduate student, race to unravel the strange mystery of her friend’s sudden death before it’s too late. As the investigation unfolds, Lara finds herself becoming deeply entangled in a new technological world and has to seek help from her ex-boyfriend FBI special agent to solve the crime. Lara must risk everything in order to prevent an evil madman from taking more lives.

Bionic Bug began as a crowdsourced fiction novel. I developed the overall book concept, created the main characters and then began writing scenes in September 2016. At the end of every scene, I offered up 2-3 options for readers to choose from, along the lines of the Choose your Own adventure books we read as kids. Once the votes came in, I wrote the option with the most votes. And bit by bit, readers helped me to start a novel. In November, I decided to write 50,000 words of the novel for Nanowrimo 2016.