My name is Natasha Bajema. I am a fiction writer, a national security expert, and a professor.  While working full-time for the National Defense University, I am launching my career as a fiction writer. For more personal information, please see my about author and gallery sections.

Kickstarter Campaign

On February 18, I am launching a crowdfunding campaign to fund the series and offer a unique interactive experience. During the editing process for my second book in the Lara Kingsley Series, backers will help me choose character names, settings, and character arcs. Backers will also be able send immediate feedback on draft scenes. That’s right, my backers will get to help shape the adventure. Stay tuned fore more information…


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Nuclear Spin Cycle Blog

In April 2016, I announced to the world that I am a fiction writer. For my muse, I draw inspiration from my day job working as a senior research fellow and professor at the National Defense University. In recent posts, I have been reflecting on what it takes to be a writer in A Writer’s Life, A Modern Writer’s Journey and Too Many Fish in the Sea. I’ve summarized my writing goals for this year in 2017: A Bug’s Eye View.

In my blog, you can read more about my journey from a national security expert to a fiction writer and get updates on where I’m heading next as an author.

Crowdsourced Fiction

In September 2016, I began an experiment to crowdsource fiction and started a novel titled Bionic Bug that spawned an entire series. I’m now focused on developing the Lara Kingsley Series, which is a series of mystery novels set in Washington, D.C. ten years from today that uniquely blends elements of mystery, techno-thriller, and speculative fiction. WARNING: This is not your grandmother’s mystery novel.

You can order an ebook version of Bionic Bug at Kobo if you click here.

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