Interview with Vince Houghton, AOMD Episode 023 – Natasha Bajema

Interview with Vince Houghton, AOMD Episode 023

Welcome to the episode number 23 of the Authors of Mass Destruction podcast. My name is Natasha Bajema, aka WMDgirl on Twitter. I’m a fiction author, national security expert and your host for this podcast.

  • If you’re interested in science & technology, in reading good fiction, or want to write fiction based on technology, you’re in the right place.
  • Before we get started, a few notes:
    • The views expressed on this podcast are my own and do not reflect the official policy or position of the National Defense University, the Department of Defense or the U.S. Government.
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  • Personal update –This is my last episode for a month. I expect to be back on the air the Sunday after Labor Day and am planning to focus more on biological weapons this next season.
  • My headline for this week is “UPS paves profitable path for drone deliveries as it prepares for nationwide takeoff” published on July 23 on Yahoo Finance.
  • The drones are coming.
  • UPS expects to receive FAA approval to conduct drone delivery anywhere in the USA by the end of this year.
    • Commercial drone use remains heavily restricted in the United States.
    • creation of a new drone subsidiary called UPS Flight Forward
    • already using drones to deliver blood samples and specimens in North Carolina as part of a pilot program; they are looking to expand their collaboration with hospital systems
    • Not sure when they might get into parcel delivery
  • Other companies such as Google and Amazon are looking to get into drone delivery

Let’s get to my interview. This week I talk to Dr. Vince Houghton. He’s a historian, the curator of the International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C., the creative director of the SPYCAST podcast, a U.S. army veteran, and he’s just released new nonfiction book called Nuking the Moon and Other Intelligence Schemes and Military Plots Left on the Drawing Board

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