The Basics of the Atom with Dr. Natasha Bajema, AOMD Podcast Episode 004

In this episode, Dr. Natasha Bajema kicks off her first episode of Nuclear 101 for Writers, Students and Technology Nerds. This segment is called “The Basics of the Atom.” At the end of this segment, you’ll understand some basic terminology, the structure of the atom, the importance of neutrons and isotopes, the key starting ingredient for nuclear weapons, and the first reason why it’s so hard to develop bomb material.

Day 16: What Has Been Seen Cannot be Unseen

More than two weeks ago now, I announced my crazy intention of producing a musical stage play on nuclear weapons and artificial intelligence called American Doomsday. You can’t see me right now, but I’m laughing and shaking nervously. And asking myself, “wait, what?” In the meantime, I’ve started the novel that will serve as the basis for the stage play. I’ve been reflecting a great deal on what it means to write a story that is 1) compelling enough to attract a broad audience; 2) sufficiently faithful to the complex and technical topics of nuclear deterrence, the nuclear triad, false alarms, perception, Read more…